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"The Corporate Angel Network makes it very easy to support a vital humanitarian mission. I encourage any company to consider joining this very worthwhile effort."

– Roger A. Enrico,
former Chairman and CEO at Pepsico


Once you have joined Corporate Angel Network, we will obtain your flight schedule on a weekly basis by fax, phone or email, whichever is most convenient for you, or we can email you our patient requests.

We enter this information in a database on our secure server, and all paperwork is immediately shredded for your security.

Your flight schedule and those of other participating corporations enable us to make a match between a patient's travel dates and destination and a corresponding corporate flight. You are only contacted if the patient can utilize a particular flight.

Only when a seat is available, and you receive clearance from the executive for the patient to travel on that flight, do we contact the patient.

We provide the patient with detailed flight information and fax you complete patient information for your manifest. No patient is ever put on a flight without having received both medical clearance and executive approval.

Patients will arrive at the hangar one hour before the flight dressed in business-appropriate attire. In case of last-minute flight cancellation, simply notify us and we will advise the patient.

Conversely, we will alert you should the patient have a change in plans. That's it! If you have additional questions or need more information, please contact us either by email or by phone at (914) 328-1313.

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